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Predicting Hydrodynamic Torque for Valves

Torque is an essential parameter in the design of rotary valves such as butterfly valves, ball valves, plug valves etc. It plays an important role in the actuator selection in case of motor operated valves. Hydrodynamic torque or simply dynamic torque has a significant share of the total torque the valve shaft has to undergo during valve operation. Understanding the effect of dynamic torque and its variation with the opening percentage of the valve can give designers a better insight into crucial design improvements for torque reduction in their valve design.

Control Valve Performer (CVP) is a CFD application that runs from your web browser. It predicts the performance of control valves using fluid flow simulations. The app predicts the coefficient of hydrodynamic torque for all the opening percentages for your control valve design and generates a curve illustrating the nature of variation of the torque coefficient.

In this webinar, understand how simulationHub helps in predicting and analyzing the hydrodynamic torque in different types of rotary valves.

Conducted on Thursday, March 14th, 2019

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Virtual Flow Loop Testing for Valve

Understanding flow through control valve is essential in optimum valve design. CFD helps in predicting the valve performance and gives good insight into the flow physics. This involves a series of CFD simulations for different valve openings (minimum to maximum) and calculates the Cv value at each condition. With the emergence of cloud computing, virtual testing of designs and performance optimization have become possible through cloud-based CFD app, with a reduced need of producing physical prototypes.

Control Valve Performer (CVP) is a cloud-based app for predicting the performance of control valves using fluid flow simulations. The app provides web browser-based graphical interface that allows designers to perform flow simulations on their valve geometry and compute valve flow coefficient curves Cv & Kv and coefficient of hydrodynamic torque Cdt.

In this webinar, you will be introduced to the capabilities and applications of Control Valve Performer app for control valve performance simulation.

Conduted on Thursday, January 31st 2019

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