Democratizing Simulation

High cost and complex design of CAE software has been the key reason for designers not to use CAE in their design process. Simulation software has tedious workflow and has a high degree of learning curve. 3D CAD modeling has been part of every thermal and fluid product design, but still fluid flow simulations are seldomly used to validate new designs.

We believe democratization of simulation technology is the way forward. The way 3D CAD modeling has captured the imaginations of every designer, fluid flow simulation modeling has to be part of every design process. This needs development of new simulation app from scratch which is conceptualized, architectured and developed keeping designer as a focal point.

simulationHub redefines the traditional simulation process for complex CAD model even with dirty CAD assemblies with large openings. Our first target was to remove CAD repair and de-featuring process altogether from simulation cycle. We have greatly simplified meshing, solve and post processing so that designer can focus on product design.

simulationHub is designed in such way that it can be accessed as Software as a Service (SaaS) from mobile, tablet and desktop devices. We are still evaluating the final pricing model for our offerings and we welcome your suggestion.

Hub of Engineering Simulations

For the designers of different industry verticals like AEC, Automotive, Fluid Control Equipment, Heat Exchanger, Pumps and many other, simulationHub will provide custom engineering templates for simulation. Our plan is to build the fluid flow simulation in such a way that users from different industries perform the simulation with equal ease irrespective complexity of physics and geometry. This should help to break the barrier in using simulation technology in large sections of industries. simulationHub shortly will have a Simulation App Marketplace where third party developers can host their special purpose simulation plugins. These plugins would leverage the capabilities of simulationHub and add new specialized simulation features. As plugins would run smoothly inside the simulationHub there would be no new learnings.

Built for Designers

Designers are our focus. We understand designers have to take care of many different aspects of product design. They need fluid flow and thermal modeling capability on tap. You would find that we have avoided the cliché features of traditional CFD applications and rather focused on results required by designers. You need not worry of computing requirement to achieve your simulation goal, as it is deployed on the cloud. simulationHub chooses appropriate computing devices to perform your simulation and makes sure you get results in the shorter period of time.

We understand that task in our hand is mammoth and needs innovative solutions. In this endeavor we need feedback, suggestion and ideas to make simulationHub, a perfect tool.