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Get CV, KV performance curves within minutes for your valve design. An automated CFD simulation based app for control valve designers.
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Valve flow performance characteristics
Accuracy and speed is important for “go-to-market” timeline
Valve Performance Parameters
Valves are playing a vital role in modern manufacturing process industries around the world to generate quality products. In the process control loop, the valve is the final control element which manipulates a quantity o flowing fluid to compensate for the load disturbance and keep the regulated process variable as close as possible to the desired set point. Either fully open condition, or partially open condition, valve controls the flow rate by manipulating the amount of open passage available for fluid flow.
Various performance parameters need to be considered while designing a valve. The performance parameters decided by fluid properties, flow rate, and working pressure conditions includes valve capacity, disk torque, choked flow condition, noise and cavitation. One of the most critical aspects of valve design is valve capacity. The valve capacity is specified in terms of valve coefficients CV/KV.
Accurate and quick estimation of valve performance parameters during valve design stage plays an important role in “go-to-market” timeline. The success and industrial acceptance of valve depend on “Depth and accuracy” of valve performance parameters.
Valve flow performance characteristics
Valve flow performance characteristics
Accuracy and speed is important for understand valve flow physics
Valve CFD Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics or simply CFD is a technique of solving mathematical equations governing physics of flow of fluid, a flow of heat, chemical reactions, phase change and many other phenomena. In many industries, CFD is an important tool to determine the fluid performance of a product. In valve industry, CFD helps to understand the fluid flow behaviors for different valve design, at various opening conditions, and at different operating conditions. CFD is an effective, quick and accurate method to predict various valve performance parameters during both design and operating stage of the valve.
CFD is a three-step process, viz. pre-processing, solving and post-processing the results. Valve CFD analysis involves creating 3D CAD model, CAD model preparation for meshing, CFD meshing, setting up CFD problem, solution and post-processing. The accuracy of CFD predictions of valve performance parameters depends on the accuracy of each above stage. The care must be taken to set up the problem according to the standard test procedure available for valve testing.
CFD analysis is used to calculate valve performance parameters including valve capacity at fully or partially open condition, valve disc torque, choked flow condition, pressure recovery factor, and cavitation.
Autonomous Valve CFD App
CFD has many advantages in valve performance analysis including accuracy, cost and depth of flow information it provides. The major limitations of adopting CFD in the valve design process are, required CFD expertise, the complexity of valve geometry, compute power and time required for analysis. All valve manufacturers have an in-house team of experts understanding the valve design. But, when it comes to CFD analysis, many of them rely on either in-house CFD experts or third-party consultants. This is the major limitation for adopting CFD in the day-to-day design activity.
Autonomous Valve CFD app removes all the limitations and brings the power of CFD simulation in the hands of valve designers and manufactures. The app workflow is crafted considering a designer as a focal point. The fully customized workflow takes the known inputs from designer and generates a ready-to-use valve performance report. 3D CFD results generated by app helps designers to understand the fluid flow behavior inside the valve and design the valve with better performance. With the fleet of cloud computing clusters, the results are generated within minutes and help designer to evaluate different design variations and operating scenarios.
Autonomous Valve CFD comes with the variety of subscription models to suit requirements of low-to-heavy design load and financial budget. The app is designed for all types of devices including phone, tablet, and personal desktop and can be accessed anytime.
Built for designer with customized workflow
Ready-to-use valve performance report in PDF format
Valve performance is calculated within minutes using cloud-computing
More than 10 valve types are supported
Test conducted as per ANSI/ISA–75.02.01–2008 control valve capacity test procedures
Variety of subscription models available to suite different requirements
Absolutely no CFD knowledge is required
It's easy. It's powerful. It's built for designers. Learn how Autonomous Valve CFD app can help you optimize new valve design or predict the performance of existing design. Schedule a one-on-one demo with a simulationHub expert.
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Fast, robust and accurate
We introduce to you our new app for the valve industry "Autonomous Valve CFD" - a robust fast and accurate designer app that works for you out of the box. Whether its generation of various valve performance curves such as coefficient of flow, dynamic torque coefficient, fluid flow visualization or complete CFD report in PDF, it does all the calculations automatically in less than 30 minutes. The most interesting thing is that you could perform all of these tasks without any assistance from professional CFD Engineers. Autonomous Valve CFD has been developed by fluid flow experts from the simulationHub team. It’s an application on steroids that is quick and manages all your projects seamlessly without the need for manual updates. Stakeholders from different geographies can view and explore the new designs from any device. It’s not just high in performance but also light on the budget. Start your 15 days FREE trial today.
It’s not just high in performance but also light on the budget. Start your 15 days FREE trial today.
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Subscription Plans
The Autonomous Valve CFD app has variety of subscription options suitable for different design and analysis needs. Explore the options and choose the one best suitable for you.
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We say it all. It's easy. It's efficient. It's built for designers. But you be the judge. Take a full version app trial for FREE. Try it on your own design problems and experience the power and benefits of the app.
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Yearly Subscription
Are you a busy designer ? Do you work in an organization with frequent design load ? Take our yearly subscription plan and enjoy uninterrupted app access and more simulation credits per cost.
Enterprise Subscription
Enterprise subscription is for organizations that work on multiple design projects. It offers unlimited user accounts, 2x simulation credits per cost, project management system on top of yearly subscription benefits.
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SimulationHub customer - Bray
For the past four years, the Bray team across our design center has been utilizing the simulationHub platform to accurately predict fluid flow characteristics such as Cv, Kv, Cdt, and more. The platform's user-friendly interface and robust cloud-based simulation tools have empowered Bray's engineers to iterate and optimize valve designs rapidly, thereby reducing the need for expensive physical prototyping and testing.
- Brindesh Dhruva
EVP, Chief Marketing & Technology Officer
SimulationHub customer - RexTec
REXtac LLC undertook a crucial initiative to optimize its polymerization reactor by reconfiguring the angle globe control valve trim at the reactor's outlet. The existing trim, designed for a different setup, hindered proposed operational changes due to its excessive size. Unfortunately, the valve's manufacturer had long ceased operations, making acquiring a smaller trim impossible without extensive piping modifications for a new valve.
Facing this challenge, REXtac sought expertise from simulationHub in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).Their primary goals were to determine Cv versus % open characteristics of the existing trim and design a precise, smaller trim. simulationHub promptly and expertly addressed this challenge, utilizing CFD to evaluate various trim designs. A meticulously selected novel trim has since exhibited outstanding performance. REXtac remains confident in simulationHub for future fine-tuning, underscoring their engineering competence and efficiency.
- Steve Oetting
Engineering Manager, RexTac LLC
SimulationHub customer - GM Eng
GM Engineering aims to deliver top-notch products, and their engineers are committed to optimizing valve designs. Traditional experimental testing for valve analysis was time-consuming and costly. To overcome this challenge, they sought a modern solution and found the Autonomous Valve CFD application. This application automates valve analysis, empowering designers with rapid CFD results, enhancing understanding of fluid flow behavior, and enabling cloud-based simulations.
Integrating "Autonomous Valve CFD" has greatly improved their design process, delivering value previously unattainable. Embracing such tools is essential for continuous business innovation, and as a CEO, I advocate their use to foster growth.
- Bhavin Javiya
Director, GM Engineering
Nothing demonstrates the power of app more than its real-world examples.
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It's easy. It's powerful. It's built for designers. Learn how Autonomous Valve CFD app can help you optimize new valve design or predict the performance of existing design. Schedule a one-on-one demo with a simulationHub expert.
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