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We say it all. It's easy. It's efficient. It's built for designers. But you be the judge. Take a full version app trial for FREE. Try it on your own design problems and experience the power and benefits of the app.
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Do you have infrequent and periodic design requirements? Do you need app access as and when required? Take our popular high-value, low-budget monthly subscription plan to suit your requirement.
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Are you a busy designer? Do you work in an organization with frequent design load? Take our yearly subscription plan and enjoy uninterrupted app access and more simulation credits per cost.
App subscription plans

Autonomous HVAC CFD

Leverage the power of autonomous HVAC CFD to design an efficient HVAC system for achieving indoor air quality and occupant thermal comfort
FREE CFD simulation credits:
5000 sq. ft.

Autonomous Valve CFD

Get CV, KV performance curves within minutes for your valve design. An automated CFD simulation based app for control valve designers.
/ year

Pedestrian Comfort Analysis

Evaluate pedestrian comfort & safety in an urban environment. A must-have app for architects, environmental engineers & urban planners.
/ month
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