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Autonomous HVAC CFD - Thermal Comfort CFD application
Get the Best from Your HVAC Design
Get the Best from Your HVAC Design
By using AI and limitless computing power, explore a range of design options, Leading to more efficient and comfortable HVAC systems.
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Air conditioning accounts for approximately 40% of a building's total energy consumption
However, indoor air quality (IAQ) and occupant thermal comfort has been increasingly recognized as direct effect on the health and well-being of building occupants. So, In the today's world it is becoming crucial to achieve both occupant well-being and energy efficiency.
Maximising IAQ and Comfort without Sacrificing Energy Efficiency
Autonomous HVAC CFD can evaluate many HVAC design options for a building. This helps to achieve an energy-efficient HVAC system that meets the thermal comfort and IAQ criteria.
A Sneak Peek - Autonomous HVAC CFD
Industry's first AI powered, Autonomous, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) tool designed for the HVAC community.
Design it Faster
Built-in BIM Designer

AHC application has an in-built intelligent BIM designer with capabilities that include :

Creating room layouts using different wall materials
Creating supply and return layout using library components
Creating a furniture layout using library components
Creating the wall and window configurations

Seamless Revit Import

Now you can also import your building designs and HVAC designs from Revit using the Autodesk Data Exchange.

Integrates AHC directly to your Revit workflow.
Transition effortlessly between design, simulation, and analysis.
Import multiple airside design options.

From Design to Insight: Create, Explore, Iterate.
Design Configuration and Scenario

Designing an efficient HVAC system that operates under diverse load conditions is an iterative process. AHC is purposefully developed to address this challenge.

Create multiple design configurations
Selection of appropriate diffuser placements.
Defining of HVAC system and zoning combinations.
Various occupancy loads and weather conditions.
Design Configuration and Scenario
Early insights with AI
Early insights with AI

With the new AI feature Comfort AI, you can get efficient occupant thermal comfort checks, accelerating design optimization iterations. Here are some key benefits you will get from this

Get Upfront Thermal comfort insights.
Faster results for exploration at Your Pace.
Fine-tune HVAC designs to ensure optimal thermal comfort.
Effortless Precision Reports.
Design Load Calculation

Design Load Calculation

Detailed heat load calculation report consisting of required space design loads, system loads, ventilation and Airflow requirements.

ASHRAE 55 Compliance Report

ASHRAE 55 Compliance Report

A comprehensive compliance report based on ASHRAE standard 55 that provides overall insights over PMV and local thermal discomfort of each design w.r.t. various loads and weather scenarios

Understand Results with the User-friendly and
Interactive postprocessing Tools

Once the simulation is completed, AHC application provide many methods to present the data so that
you can make an informed decision about the system.

Thermal Comfort

Local Thermal Discomfort

Indoor Air Quality

Multiphysics Visualization

Performance Indices

Interactive postprocessing

Innovatively designed way to understand the thermal comfort index and estimate the satisfaction level of each occupant in the zone based on surface averaged PMV. Also you can these thermal comfort results such as Predictive mean vote (PMV), Percentage of people dissatisfied (PPD) across the space using contour plots, Volume plots.

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