• Which geometry file types does simulationHub support?

    Current version of simulationHub supports .ipt, .step, .sat and .x_t file formats.

  • What can I do with default simulations available in my account when I sign-in the first time on simulationHub?

    Your dashboard is pre-loaded with a number of ready to use simulations. You can tinker with these default simulations by opening them in the 3D viewer, explore the workflow and understand the features & capabilities of simulationHub.

  • Is simulationHub available on tablets/mobiles?

    Yes, you can access simulationHub from your tablets or mobile devices. However, on older mobile devices, browser or processor may not have required 3D computing capabilities.

  • Which web browsers are compatible with simulationHub?

    We recommend you to use Google Chrome for best performance. Theoretically, you can use any WebGL enabled browser although we have extensively tested it on Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari.

  • I am not able to upload a large geometry file from my PC/tablet/mobile.

    If you are not able to upload your geometry locally, please upload it to any online storage like Dropbox or Google Drive and then use that link of your geometry to upload it on simulationHub.

  • Required internet speed to use simulationHub?

    Broadband is best. 3G/4G mobile internet connection will also work fine.

  • Can I use simulationHub to store and share any files?

    You can upload your geometry on simulationHub and it will be stored in your account until you delete it. You can share your simulations in multiple ways with your friends, colleagues or in general with community. You can give copy and simulate rights or you can share it in read-only mode.

  • Can I download my files and keep them locally?

    No, currently there is no option to download any files or results. You can only take snapshots of results.

  • What should I do in case simulationHub web pages do not load properly?

    In such case, you may try again by clearing your browser cache or switch to private browsing mode.

  • What happens to my running jobs in case I switch from 3D Viewer to dashboard or I close the web browser or I lost my internet connection?

    Your jobs would continue to run on our secured servers even if you sign out or get disconnected from the internet. You can revisit the simulation page later on to check the progress of your running job.

  • How secure is simulationHub?

    We keep all your data private on secured cloud servers and do not share it with any third party. User is the only owner of his/her data created on simulationHub. However, we do not guarantee your data loss due to any reason including account deletion and internet disconnection.

  • How can I delete my account?

    Log into your account. Navigate to "Settings" option and click on "Delete" button. You will receive an email which contains a link to delete your account. Please understand that your data once deleted cannot be retrieved.

  • How can I report any issue regarding my simulations?

    Visit your dashboard and click on name of simulation or ‘Open’ button available after mouse over to simulation for which you would like to report an issue. Then on the opened dialog, click on "Report Issue" icon. Please provide as much details as possible for us to diagnose the issue.

  • How can I give any suggestion/feedback to simulationHub?

    Login to simulationHub and click on your name/photo available in right corner to get different account options. Select "Feedback" option to open the feedback form. Fill in the form and submit it.

  • Is simulationHub free?

    Currently, yes! We are evaluating various pricing model for our offerings based on user feedbacks.