Large Infrastructure HVAC Simulations with 90% Cost Savings

Large Infrastructure HVAC Simulations with 90% Cost Savings

Explore the evolution of HVAC design with our Autonomous HVAC CFD Software! Unveil a user-friendly interface, 90% cost reduction, and sustainability-driven precision. Delve into real-world simulations, cloud-based speed, and 3D thermal analysis, reshaping the landscape of HVAC innovation.

Witness unmatched accuracy and cost-efficient solutions, setting new standards for design challenges.

Conducted on Tuesday, January 16th 2024

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Explore the forefront of HVAC design in this webinar as we unveil the transformative capabilities of our Autonomous HVAC CFD Software. Delve into the seamless functionality of this web-based, cloud-driven solution, featuring a user-friendly interface and full compliance with ASHRAE 55 standard. Learn how our software disrupts traditional CFD simulations, significantly reducing costs by 90% and optimizing early-stage design processes.
Embark on a journey of precision at scale as we showcase real-world applications in large infrastructure projects. Uncover the efficiency of cloud-driven simulations, delivering rapid results within hours, all while prioritizing sustainability and contributing to a decarbonized future. Witness the impact on various commercial spaces through 3D cross-sectional thermal analysis and comprehensive PDF reports, illustrating how our software reshapes the landscape of HVAC design for tomorrow's infrastructures.
Don't miss this pivotal moment in HVAC innovation—join us to experience firsthand how our Autonomous HVAC CFD Software is setting new standards, providing unparalleled accuracy, and offering a cost-efficient solution to your design challenges.
Featured Speaker
Webinar spekar - Anthony Amadio

Aaditya Ruiker

Associate Product Manager

Aaditya Ruikar works As a Associate Product Manager at CCTech, He is involved in developing and delivering high-fidelity technologies for various industries at affordable prices and plays role of domain expert. He also has a vision to make these technologies more accessible and user-friendly for better and efficient design outcomes.His interests lie in researching and simulating real world systems, particularly in the domains of engineering, physics and sustainable development. He likes to tackle challenges and work with others to find innovative solutions.

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Manish Kamath

Assistant Technical Sales Manager

Manish is a Assistant Technical Sales Manager at Centre for Computational Technologies Private Limited (CCTech). At CCTech he is keenly interested in learning the upcoming new technologies in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics and Machine Learning. His areas of interest are Comput-Aided-Engineering, and Fluid Mechanics. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Studying Cosmology and reading books are some of his hobbies.

Webinar spekar - Anthony Amadio

Angirekula Venu

Senior Team Lead

Venu is the Senior Team lead for the Solver Development team in simulationHub, a flagship CFD platform for Centre for Computational Technologies Private Limited (CCTech), Pune. He enjoys working on real-world problems and finding solutions for them using CFD. He is skilled with OpenFOAM, ANSYS Fluent, MATLAB, and python. He got his M.Tech in Chemical engineering from IIT Guwahati, with thesis work focusing on the numerical modeling of Multiphase flows in the microchannels.