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Virtual Flow Loop Testing for Valve

Valve flow capacity prediction and design optimization through cloud-based CFD

Conducted on Thursday, May 7th 2020

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Understanding flow through the valve is essential in optimum valve design. CFD helps in predicting the valve performance and gives a good insight into the flow physics. This involves a series of CFD simulations for different valve openings (minimum to maximum) and calculates the Cv value at each condition. With the emergence of cloud computing, virtual testing of designs and performance optimization has become possible through a cloud-based CFD app, with a reduced need for producing physical prototypes.

Autonomous Valve CFD (AVC) is a cloud-based app for predicting the performance of valves using fluid flow simulations. The app provides a web browser-based graphical interface that allows designers to perform flow simulations on their valve geometry and compute valve flow coefficient curves Cv & Kv and coefficient of hydrodynamic torque Cdt.

Featured Speaker
Webinar spekar - Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

Technical Manager, simulationHub

Praveen is working as a Technical Manager in the simulationHub department in CCTech. He has more than a 10 years of experience in applying Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) as a tool to provide design solutions for various domains like Aerospace, Automobile, Turbomachinery, Process, and Thermal & Fluid equipment design. Praveen holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a P.G. Diploma in Advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics (DACFD).

Webinar spekar - Chaitanya Rane

Chaitanya Rane

Support Engineer, simulationHub

Chaitanya is a CFD Support Engineer at simulationHub. He is interested in the fields of physics and mathematics and enjoys exploring the domains like CFD, FEA and industrial applications of engineering simulations. He has worked on simulationHub's CFD simulation apps like Autonomous Valve CFD, Pedestrian Comfort Analysis and Autonomous HVAC CFD. Chaitanya is also a blogging enthusiast and contributes to the technical content writing at simulationHub. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pune.