simulationHub, where CFD is served on a platter!
Monday, December 17, 2018
simulationHub, where CFD is served on a platter!
Chaitanya Rane
Blog Author - Chaitanya Rane
Written by Chaitanya Rane
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5 Minutes Reading
No one can deny the fact, that we are surrounded by technological advancements all around with a growing need for more. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is one such tech that has been vastly gaining popularity in recent decades. For those who have used CFD in their personal and professional lives, CFD is a tool that optimize and improves complicated mechanical and structural designs which eventually end up being crucial parts in industrial systems and processes.
We don’t use technology, we live technology | Godfrey Reggio
For years, the process of performing a CFD simulation has been a tedious one. CFD experts have often spent days, and sometimes even weeks, to perform a complete CFD simulation and present their results.

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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic | Arthur C Clarke
Here, at simulationHub, we took this tedious task of performing a complete CFD simulation, simplified it using our expertise and bundled it up with the power of cloud computing. So now what usually took days is delivered within minutes! Yes, you read that right minutes :)
To help you realize what your experience using simulationHub would be like and to help you understand this magic behind the product, let us take a dive into this spicy analogy.

The Chicken Curry Craving Conundrum!

Cooking it is going to be a time-consuming task.
Firstly, you will need the right equipment to cook it such as utensils, mixers, knives, spoons etc.
Then, you need to have a long list of ingredients like fresh chicken, onions, coconut, chilies, spices etc.
Will all the above considered, you are no good to cook a good curry if you don’t have the right recipe for it.
Indian chicken curry Make or order Indian chicken curry
With all the equipment available and all the ingredients ready along with the consideration that you have a decent experience of cooking the Indian chicken curry, there is still the entire process to cook it!
Indian cuisine restaurant
Here is a typical procedure to cook good curry.
You start with washing and cleaning your freshly purchased chicken, chop it down into smaller pieces and marinate it for some time. After this, you put the chicken in a pan….(bits of this and that)…... and the process goes on for quite a while till you finally prepare the Indian chicken curry.
Now, what if you choose the other option. Well, this method is pretty simple, just go to a good restaurant, find yourself a nice table and order the chicken curry.
By the time you spend adoring the ambience of the restaurant and checking your social media updates, the tasty Indian chicken curry is served on your table, well garnished and cooked by experts (chefs!).

So, What Does Chicken Curry Have To Do With CFD?

Performing a CFD simulation is somewhat similar to cooking the Indian chicken curry.
Firstly, you need to have the experience and expertise to perform a CFD simulation
You need to have the necessary software to perform it
And lastly, you also require the necessary hardware and computational equipment to run the simulation
And then comes the actual process
Traditional CFD process
This is how a complete CFD simulation is performed.

Welcome to The simulationHub Restaurant!

Well, simulationHub performs the job of the restaurant that serves CFD results within minutes and saves you a lot of time and effort. The web-browser acts like the table in a restaurant, and all the employees working in the restaurant are the thousands of APIs that connect thousands of pieces of code within simulationHub.
When you place an order, the waiter takes the order to the kitchen i.e, the CLOUD! Just like a restaurant kitchen, the cloud provides simulationHub with the ability to perform time-taking tasks within minutes.
With the use of high-performance computers, vast cloud storage and an extensive database, simulationHub is able to handle a large amount of computational data and channel it right to efficiently and quickly generate the results.
No different from the brigade of chefs catering to your chicken curry.
But what makes a restaurant worth visiting, it is the experience the chefs put in to achieve the right taste, texture and quality of the food served in there. You wouldn’t want to visit a place that serves the same gravy for Indian chicken curry and Thai chicken curry. At simulationHub we use our expertise to generate accurate CFD results using optimum resources. We tend to these results, analyze them and serve the customers with a unique set of performance data generated specially for their application.
A good example would be the Autonomous Valve CFD app, wherein we ask the user to define his type of valve, upload its geometry and inform us about the rotating parts in it.
Valve flow perfomance curves
So an order is placed.
Now the app will cook the results in the cloud kitchen and within minutes deliver the user with Cv, Kv and Cdt curves, velocity and pressure contours and a PDF report summarizing the simulation.
So, come to the simulationHub restaurant, order your CFD simulation, take your time to check out the interesting projects in our gallery or just keep yourself updated with the new activities on your social media. Within minutes you will be served with highly accurate CFD results and essential performance reports.
Blog Author - Chaitanya Rane
Written by Chaitanya Rane