AHC 2023 Release: Now Assess IAQ and Thermal Comfort of Buildings at the design stage

AHC 2023 Release: Now Assess IAQ and Thermal Comfort of Buildings at the design stage

Assess indoor air quality and thermal comfort in the initial design phase and design HVAC systems effectively using the Autonomous HVAC CFD.

Wednessday, September 7th 2022

8:30 PM (IST) | 11:00 AM (EST)

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Thermal comfort and indoor air quality are two interdependent metrics that rank highly in occupant complaints. The goal of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems is to provide thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality. Having poor indoor air quality has many adverse health effects, including respiratory illnesses, heart disease, and cancer. Poor thermal comfort can lead to reduced performance along with occupants feeling symptoms of sick building syndrome. Therefore, appropriate operation strategies for ventilation systems should be adopted to achieve optimum indoor air quality and thermal comfort and effectively reduce energy consumption.
Computational Fluid Dynamics allows precise forecasting of the performance of a ventilation system by modeling the physical phenomena, ambient conditions, and the detailed geometry of the space.
The Autonomous HVAC CFD App is a cloud-based app for predicting indoor air quality and thermal comfort using flow simulations. The app provides a web browser-based graphical interface that allows users to evaluate the occupant thermal comfort along with indoor air quality for multiple HVAC design configurations and several thermal load scenarios.
During this webinar, you will explore design principles which can help achieve optimum indoor air quality and thermal comfort from ASHRAE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer Robert Bean. In case you will not be able to attend the live webinar, you can still register and receive the full recording of the session through your email.
Duration (60 mins) Topic
5 mins Introduction to Speakers
20 mins Insights on IAQ and Thermal Comfort from Robert Bean
10 mins Introduction to AHC 2023
10 mins App Demo & Case Studies
15 mins Question, Answers & Discussion
Featured Speaker
Webinar speakar - Robert Bean

Mr Robert Beam

ASHRAE Fellow and Distinguished Lecturer

Robert Bean, Fellow ASHRAE, is director of www.healthyheating.com, and founder of Indoor Climate Consultants Inc. He is a retired engineering technology professional who specialized in the design of indoor environments and high-performance building systems. Mr. Bean is an ASHRAE Fellow and ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer, recipient of the Lou Flagg Award, Distinguished Service Award and instructor for the ASHRAE Learning Institute.

Webinar speakar - Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

Product Manager, simulationHub

Praveen is the Product Manager of simulationHub, a flagship CFD platform of CCTech. Praveen has deep expertise in converting real-world problems into accurate computational problems. He has been instrumental in conceptualizing the building simulation apps for the simulationHub team. With more than 15 years of strong domain experience in CFD, he has also developed a flavor for user experience. Praveen holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Postgraduate DACFD.