Flow Characteristics Cv & Cdt of the valve using Autonomous Valve CFD

Flow Characteristics Cv & Cdt of the valve using Autonomous Valve CFD

Discover valve design's future in this webinar of simulationHub in collaboration with IVAMA. Learn about Autonomous Valve CFD app optimizing performance, sustainability, and efficiency. Witness live demonstrations showcasing the app's efficiency in valve sizing, offering insights that empower designers to streamline projects seamlessly.

Tuesday, December 19th 2023

2:30 PM (IST) | 9:00 AM (GMT)

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Join this live webinar to learn:
Effortless Optimization : The Autonomous Valve CFD app ensures optimal valve performance with minimal manual intervention.
Eco-Friendly Simulations : Cloud-based testing reduces the need for physical prototypes, aligning with sustainable design practices.
Seamless Project Management : The app streamlines design processes, automating calculations, and generating detailed CFD reports effortlessly.
User-Friendly Expertise : Access advanced valve design capabilities without the need for professional CFD Engineers, making it accessible to all.
Live simulation : Witness live demonstrations of valve simulation showcasing the app's accuracy and usability in determining Cv and Cdt for precise valve sizing.
In this webinar presented by IVAMA and simulationHub, the future of valve design is illuminated through the lens of the Autonomous Valve CFD app. This innovative tool revolutionizes the optimization process, ensuring peak valve performance with minimal manual intervention. By automating critical parameters like Cv and Cdt through advanced CFD, the app accelerates the design process, offering efficiency gains that were previously unattainable. Designers can expect a paradigm shift in their workflow as the app empowers them to achieve superior results without the traditional time and resource investments.
A pivotal aspect highlighted in the webinar is the app's commitment to sustainability. Cloud-based simulations take center stage, drastically reducing the reliance on physical prototypes. This not only aligns with modern eco-friendly initiatives but also represents a significant leap towards a more environmentally conscious approach in valve engineering. Participants will gain insights into how this shift to eco-friendly simulations not only benefits the industry but also contributes to global efforts in promoting sustainable design practices.
The Autonomous Valve CFD app not only excels in optimization and sustainability but also transforms project management in valve design. Traditional processes involving intricate calculations and detailed CFD reports are seamlessly automated by the app. The result is a streamlined project management approach that enhances overall efficiency. Moreover, the user-friendly interface democratizes expertise in valve design, making advanced capabilities accessible to designers at all skill levels. Live demonstrations during the webinar provide tangible examples of the app's accuracy and usability, giving participants a firsthand look at how it determines crucial parameters for precise valve sizing.
As industries evolve, this webinar promises to equip designers with the tools and insights needed to navigate the dynamic landscape of valve design effectively.
Featured Speaker
Webinar spekar - Praveen Kumar

Praveen Kumar

Product Manager, simulationHub

Praveen is the Product Manager of simulationHub, a flagship CFD platform of CCTech. Praveen has deep expertise in converting real world problems into accurate computational problems. He has been instrumental in conceptualizing the building simulation apps for the simulationHub team. With more than 13 years of strong domain experience in CFD, he has also developed flavor for user experience. Praveen holds a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and Postgraduate DACFD.