simulationHub Basic Training

These are the set of videos containing basic training on how to use simulationHub. It contains interacting with dashboard, understanding the 3D viewer and creating simulation on simulationHub.

7.15 mins
This video gives an introduction to different options available on a simulationHub dashboard, how to interact with a dashboard, meaning of different stage symbols and color coding indicating the status of each stage.
15.38 mins
This video gives an introduction to how to interact with simulationHub 3D viewer. It covers mouse interactions, display options on CAD model, how to use 3D view cube and how to use stage navigation and simulation menu.
20.36 mins
This video contains details about how to setup your first simulation on simulationHub. This video contains details about what is CFD domain, what is fluid volume and how easily you can extract fluid volume for complicated CAD model. Details about the available inlet and outlet boundary conditions are explained.
13.04 mins
This video contains details about how to re-run the simulation on simulationHub. Performance prediction of any system or device at different operating condition is a necessary part of design process. This video contains details about how to move between different stages for simulation and how to redefine the setup of boundary conditions.

simulationHub and Onshape

simulationHub and Onshape has partnered to brign fully cloud CAD and CFD simulation together. simulationHub is now available as an integrated app within Onshape environment. It has seamless integration with Onshape CAD data which recognizes and propagates design changes all the way to CFD simulation process. This seamless integration allows designers to carryout quick design iterations based on CFD simulation results. Onshape is full-cloud 3D CAD system. It gives designers an access to all that is required to convert conceptual idea into a 3D CAD model. simulationHub is a cloud based CFD app which gives power of CFD simulation to designers.

This video series is dedicated for examples of using Onshape to create CAD model and using simulationHub for doing CFD analysis.

52.56 mins
This video covers how to create butterfly valve geometry using Onshape and do CFD simulation using simulationHub. CFD simulation for four different opening angle 30, 45, 60 and 75 degree are conducted.