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You can start using simulationHub by creating your account which is FREE for BETA. This provides access to your dashboard, which has some ready to use sample projects for you to tinker. You can also create your own project and “Start Simulating” !!

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LEARN from “Ready to Use” Projects

simulationHub “Dashboard” is pre-loaded with the number of ready to use projects.

Learn the simulation process with ready to use projects and simple UI. With linear learning curve, you can understand the “Philosophy” and start your first simulation within few minutes after your sign up !!

START your first simulation

With intelligent algorithm behind, simulation is divided into five steps !!

Upload the CAD geometry

Extract fluid domain

Set boundary conditions

Solve CFD equations

Visualize flow physics

OPTIMIZE the design

So you got lot of questions ; “What if I change the flow rate ?”, “What if the flow comes in from this boundary ?”, “What if ... ?”

All your project settings are editable. You can start over from any step. Just edit the project and run simulation with another set of conditions !!

GET HELP from Team

So your simulation is successful, job done !! What if it failed ? What if you have questions about the CFD results ?

You can send a query about project directly from your project dashboard. Our support team is there to answer all your queries.

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Explore fascinating CFD simulations done on the simulationHub community. View in 3D, copy and simulate instantly !!

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Five easy steps to get results on simulationHub. Learn how to use simulationHub from interactive videos

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