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simulationHub International valve design competition 2019
Frequently Asked Questions
What are simulation credits?
Simulation credits are tokens given to a user of simulationHub to perform CFD simulation. For the IVDC 2019, one simulation credit equals CFD simulation of one opening angle. (eg. To perform the CFD simulation for 6 opening conditions, you will require 6 simulation credits).
Is team participation allowed?
No, team participation is not allowed. Only individual participation is allowed.
Can I start the design from scratch instead of redesigning/modifying the given CAD file?
Yes! We have provided the technical drawings of the valve along with the geometrical constraints to be followed. You can design a new valve model by referring to the technical document.
What if I require more than 60 simulation credits to perform the CFD simulations?
Generally, 60 credits would be more than sufficient to complete the competition. If in case you require more simulation credits, you can contact our competition coordinator (Sadhana - Ph: +91 74474 77882 ). We will review your request and come back to you shortly.
Are the submitted designs of all participants publicly viewable after the end of the contest?
The winning simulations will be displayed on the simulationHub Gallery. These simulations will only be available in view mode. The Valve CAD files will not be downloadable.
Which file formats are supported in simulationHub Valve CFD?
We suggest our participants upload their valve CAD designs in .STEP, .STP file formats. These files can be assembly or multi-body part models.
How can a submission be rejected after review?
A submission can be rejected if the provided valve design does not conform with the design constraints mentioned in the Technical Guidelines document. Remember, the submission must be simulation performed for 6 opening conditions from 400 to 900 opening angles.
How is the Total Score calculated?
The Total Score is calculated based on 2 parameters :
  1. Max Cv value
  2. Disc Weight
The max Cv value has a higher weightage in the total score than the disc weight.
How to give suggestions for simulationHub's Autonomous Valve CFD application?
You have used this application during the competition and want to give suggestions? There are many ways to provide your suggestions. The best way is to provide that on IVDC 2019 forum. This way, many other participants, as well as all the complete simulationHub community, will be benefited. They can also participate in the discussion. Following is the link to the forum.
IVDC - 2019 Forum
We want all these suggestions to reach to us. In case if you find it difficult or for some reason, don't want to post it on the forum, please contact the course coordinator or send email to info@simulationhub.com.
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The vision of IVDC - 2019 is to ignite the designer within you. This is a transformative journey and you might have a lot of questions during this journey. You are not alone. Many other innovative designers are going through the same experience.
To achieve collaborative learning, and to share the knowledge, we have created a dedicated discussion forum for IVDC -2019. This forum is moderated by simulationHub experts. This is the place to ask questions, participate in discussions, and provide your valuable suggestions. So feel free to ask any questions and open a dialog with the valve design community.
IVDC - 2019 Forum
Reach out to the competition coordinator !
International valve design competition coordinator - Sadhana Kadam
Sadhana Kadam
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