Valve Design
Challenge - 2019

International Valve Design Challenge

Control valves have applications in every industry that deals with the transfer of fluids within a system. Like every other mechanical component, the journey of a valve starts from the designer’s table. The advancements, innovations, and modifications made by the valve designers have a direct impact on the performance of the valve and thus, also impact the performance of the flow loop.
Over the last few decades, the process of designing a valve has been regulated by standards and guidelines. Although these standards ensure that every valve design performs under its rated pressure condition and is structurally robust, there still is a task with the valve designers to improve the performance of a valve. Cv, the valve flow coefficient, is a major performance parameter that plays a vital role in valve sizing, and it is a very evidently known fact that correct valve sizing improves the efficiency of the system.
Now, improving the Cv value while making sure that the design adheres to the standards and guidelines is not a trivial task but more of a challenge. It involves reducing the pressure drop across the valve without risking the structural strength and robustness. CFD is one such tool that provides deep insights into the flow behavior inside a valve which aid a valve designer to inspect and find out the critical design factors that may cause an excessive pressure drop. Improving the valve design using such critical insights, can lead to the development of unique high performing valves which will have the ability to boost the overall efficiency of the installed system.
simulationHub Valve CFD is here with such a challenge for all you bright designers. The International Valve Design Competition 2019 will give you all the opportunity to use the power of our upfront CFD platform to tap into accurate fluid flow insights and come up with innovative and improved high-performance valve designs.

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