The opportunity

This is an exciting opportunity to build the career as simulation software developer. In this role, you will develop and deliver the OpenFOAM solver based features demanded by industry-specific vertical apps. As a core member of simulationHub platform development team, you will be responsible for identifying the simulation features, establish OpenFOAM solution strategies, develop solver standards, implement solver strategies, test and validate the simulation feature. An excellent understanding of fluid dynamics, heat transfer physics, numerical methods and computational fluid dynamics is highly desirable. Understanding of OpenFOAM solver architecture, solver options, solver settings based on physics, solution convergence strategies is essential. Proven track record of working as an OpenFOAM software developer or an application engineer would be an advantage.

Interact with app development team to understand new CFD feature requirement
Research on underlying physics and CFD solution standards demanded the new feature
Develop the algorithm and OpenFOAM solution strategies based on the physics and feature requirement
Maintain and improve the existing OpenFOAM solution strategies for available CFD features
Validate and benchmark the CFD feature results against analytical, experimental or available CFD results
Help with writing tests for specific features and coordinate relevant activities with the testing team
Provide assistance to technical support team as required
Contribute to development and enhancement of simulationHub platform by adding new CFD features and capabilities
Contribute to strategic directions for the entire simulationHub platform development team
Work cross-functionally with product, design, and engineering as part of a scrum product development process
1 to 5 years of application / development experience in OpenFOAM
Master or Ph.D. in engineering, computational science, applied mathematics or equivalent
Excellent understanding of fluid dynamics, heat transfer and numerical methods
Should have a hacker attitude
Should have work experience in Linux environment
Good skills in research and analysis, project planning, and implementation
Needs to demonstrate an interest in scientific programming, e.g. through software projects and published work
Demonstrated proficiency in written and spoken English
Self-motivated and extrovert individual with a strong work ethic and a desire for continuous learning
Nice to have
Knowledge of scripting languages, e.g., Python, Javascript, shell script
Knowledge of cloud computing
Knowledge of web technologies, frameworks, and databases
Good expertise in object-oriented programming in C/C++/C#
Experiences as user of commercial CAE systems
1 to 5 years of application / development experience in OpenFOAM
Master or Ph.D. in engineering, computational science, applied mathematics or equivalent
India - Maharashtra - Pune
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