Design Specialist - Valve
India - Maharashtra - Pune
2 to 5 years experience in valve manufacturing industry with the focus on valve design
Bachelor or master in mechanical engineering or related discipline
We are looking for seasoned engineering design professional from valve industry. Prior experience in conceptualizing, designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and installation of various types of industrial valves is preferred. Good understanding of valve standards such as API, ASTM, BS, DN and other is highly desirable. Proven track record in valve design for oil & gas, energy & power, chemical, pharmaceutical and water industries would be an advantage. Job details
Quality assurance engineer - Software
India - Maharashtra - Pune
1 to 3 years of experience in software quality assurance and testing
Bachelor degree in computer science or mechanical engineering
In this role you will plan, create, execute and maintain tests and test data assets for simulationHub product. A strong focus of the job is to build and deploy robust test plan, methodology and create test automation. In addition, you will be involved in applying strong development skills to create code based strategies with an objective to find defects during the development cycle to assure software quality and improve software development process in general. Job details
Quality assurance engineer - CFD
India - Maharashtra - Pune
1 to 3 years experience in CFD application
Bachelor or master degree in mechanical engineering or related discipline
This is an exciting opportunity to contribute to an ongoing software development of our cloud-based CFD product simulationHub. You will be a key member of the team focused on maintaining and improving the software quality. Your main role will involve creating, maintaining and executing the CFD test cases to test various software functionalities. In this role, you will also get an opportunity to work on creating and executing CFD validation and bench-marking cases for various industry-specific apps. Job details
OpenFOAM hacker
India - Maharashtra - Pune
1 to 5 years of application / development experience in OpenFOAM
Master or Ph.D. in engineering, computational science, applied mathematics or equivalent
This is an exciting opportunity to build the career as simulation software developer. In this role, you will develop and deliver the OpenFOAM solver based features demanded by industry-specific vertical apps. As a core member of simulationHub platform development team, you will be responsible for identifying the simulation features, establish OpenFOAM solution strategies, develop solver standards, implement solver strategies, test and validate the simulation feature. Job details
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