Chaitanya Rane
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Posted on : 16-Oct-2019 04:33 PM

IVDC 2019 welcomes all the suggestions regarding the improvement of the application from its participants. 

You can provide your suggestions under this section. Feel free to provide your insights on the user experience, application workflow and the CFD results provided by the application. simulationHub always looks forward to improving the app experience using the valuable inputs from our users.

Also, the Top 3 suggestions will receive exciting gifts!

IVDC 2019 Team

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Posted on : 02-Jan-2020 05:54 PM

Most of my designs failed in FEA analysis . It would be really helpful if you could integrate FEA  analysis before doing CFD so I could have save the important time wasted on failed designs  and also could have saved the credits that you have allotted. Your team is very quick  to respond and helped me in rectifying errors such as selecting moving parts and axis of rotation but still it would be easy and fast if the suggestions or errors could be given in the application itself. Once the error has occurred in the simulation stage  i can't go back and rectify the mistake and hence I have to start the whole process from beginning . 

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Posted on : 02-Jan-2020 06:07 PM

Hello Sir/Madam,

It's very good to see this type of competition. CAD and CAE engineer always needs this type of platform to explore his/her knowledge and capabilities. 

This design competition is very useful to me for my design skill and CAE skill. 

During competition i notice advantages and disadvantages.


1. Its happy to see this type of competition which useful for student to explore their skills and you also for marketing.

2. User interface is very good. All functions which are useful all are in front of eyes.

3. Support forum is also very active and very polite to communicate.

What you should be change ?

1. Server speed (Time taken for submitting and simulating)

2. Meshing failure (which i still facing during competition)

I also thankful to Sadhana Mam and chaitanya Sir.

Thanks & Regards,

Sanket Patel 

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