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What is Computational Fluid Dynamics?

Computational Fluid Dynamics or simply CFD is an art/method/science/technique of solving mathematical equations governing different physics including a flow of fluid, a flow of heat, chemical reactions, phase change and many other phenomena. CFD helps designers to evaluate the product performance without creating its physical prototype.

Traditionally, CFD is considered as three step process, viz. pre-processing, solving and post-processing the results. Pre-processing involves creating 3D CAD model of a product, preparing CAD model for CFD meshing, creating a mesh in the region of a solution, creating a solution setup based on involved physics, a solution of equation and visualization and interpretation of results generated by the solver. CFD is considered as one of the complex technique to learn and use in analysis of product performance. It's mainly because of complexity involved and compute power required for a solution. That's the main reason for many designers not to adapt to these tools/techniques in their design process.

What is Generic Simulation app?

Generic Simulation app is most easy-to-use, UpFront CFD app built for designers, innovators, and enthusiast. Get the CFD results compiled in a report.

Generic Simulation app helps designers to quickly and easily evaluate the product performance. This app is built from ground-up considering designers as the focal point. A designer needs fluid flow and thermal modeling capability on tap. We have avoided the cliche features of traditional CFD applications and rather focused on results required by designers. The designer need not worry about computing requirement to achieve your simulation goal, as it is deployed on the cloud. Generic simulation app chooses appropriate computing devices to perform simulation and makes sure designer get results within the shorter period of time. The analysis setup and results are automatically compiled in a ready-to-use PDF report.

The getting started guide contains details about how to do CFD analysis usig generic simulation app. For more details refer to :

Getting started guide



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